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For clean air HEPA filter

What is a HEPA filter. HEPA is the abbreviation for High Efficiency Particulate Air filter.

They do not only filter coarse dust particles. Fine dust is also reliably absorbed by the filter so that almost no particles can get into the circulating air.

HEPA, the best filter technology also for allergy sufferers.
HEPA Filter Functionality

A HEPA filter works with a dense fiber net that effectively filters particles.

Unlike normal filters, which are constructed like a sieve, the fibres in the HEPA filter net are irregular, so that there are large and small distances between the individual fibres.

HEPA filters are available in 5 classifications. From E10 which filters at least 85 % of the dust to H14 which filters 99,995 %, i. e. almost 100 % of the fine dust. Our units use H13 filters that filter up to 99. 99%.
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