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Mattress cleaning

Mattresses offer ideal conditions for mites, dust and spores.

The mites feed on dander subsequently producing feaces which can trigger allergies in many people.

Therefore a deep cleaning frequently done to your mattress is very important. This significantly reduces allergies.
We remove reliably, cleanly and quickly with our professional and powerful special suckers, mites, mite faeces, dust, spores, dander, stains, animal hair and bad smells.

After vacuuming your mattress will be sprayed preventively with a product of natural substances. Topic mites .....

The absorbed particles are collected in a special class HEPA filter. This means that 99.9% of the dust can no longer enter the room air.

We use a dirt meter when we vacuum first. So you can see exactly how much dirt is in your mattress.

After cleaning, you will receive a certification badge.

We recommend cleaning your mattress at least once a year.

A clean mattress for a restful sleep.
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